Infertility is incredibly stressful and sadly, is becoming more and more common. With Naturopathic care and treatment many patients have started the family of their dreams!

Infertility is a growing epidemic. One of the worst parts is that the emotional and financial stress that accompany infertility can contribute to the condition; it’s a vicious cycle. Dr. Branson works with patients to rule out physical or hormonal dysfunction that may be preventing pregnancy. Dr. Branson can assist you in getting a proper diagnosis by ordering appropriate tests and imaging studies. She can also prescribe natural treatments that can assist in pregnancy which are less invasive and less expensive than conventional infertility treatments like IUI or IVF.

Having a baby is a life altering event. Prenatal and preconception health can often be lacking. A woman experiences major health and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Supporting and anticipating these natural changes encourages a healthy happy pregnancy for both mom and baby.

Postnatal care is equally important. A new mom will experience hormonal shifts that can greatly impact mood and energy. So much of the focus is on the health and wellness of the newborn that the mother’s health often takes a backseat. Nourishment, energy and love are given to the new baby but we tend to forget that the moms need all of those things too. Women that choose to breastfeed will need additional support and guidance. Dr. Branson acts as an advocate throughout this precious process for the health of mom and baby alike.

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  • Nursing
sub-cat-diabetes-icon Preconception

At conception, major changes in the body are already unfolding. Specific nutrients are critical in the early stages of fetal development. Environmental toxins can disrupt growth and cause harm to the fetus. Before getting pregnant it is wise to have a holistic doctor assess your overall health and readiness to carry a child.

sub-cat-diabetes-icon Infertility

Infertility is a broad diagnosis with many causes and even more treatment interventions. Dr. Branson is always focused on the root cause! Before investing time, energy, and money in fertility treatment it’s beneficial to investigate why you’re struggling to conceive.

sub-cat-diabetes-icon Nutrition in Pregnancy

Folic acid is the celebrity of prenatal nutrition, but what about the supporting cast? Protein requirements increase with pregnancy. Essential fats are also needed for fetal development. Therapeutic dosages of various B vitamins can prevent common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness. Proper prenatal nutrition will support you and your unborn child grow and thrive.

sub-cat-diabetes-icon Nursing

Nursing is a beautiful bonding experience between mother and child. There is no greater gift than nourishing your infant with what many call “liquid gold.” Breast Milk is rich in antibodies, probiotics, growth factors, and fatty acids. Breastfeeding decreases the risks of baby developing eczema, asthma, allergies, and infectious disease. Decreased rates of sudden infant death syndrome are seen in breastfed babies. Along with the benefits come the challenges and most women struggle with breastfeeding. Limited milk supply, clogged milk ducts, or improper latch are just some of the common problems. Dr. Branson can help you overcome common breastfeeding challenges and help feed your baby as nature intended.