• I have been seeing Dr. Branson for four years. She determined the root cause of my recurring migraines and “stomach issues” that had gone undiagnosed by every other doctor I had seen over the 15 years prior to meeting Dr. Branson. With her guidance I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life! Best of all, no more migraines!

  • Dr. Branson is very kind and caring! I feel like I am talking to a friend who totally understands me and my health. Her appointments aren’t rushed so she has the time to determine the root cause and look at alternatives that aid in my health. She is extremely knowledgeable!

  • I love the casual and professional approach Dr. Branson takes toward discovery then remedy to an aging guy like me. She asks questions as if she’s your good friend wanting to know why you’re not feeling 100% or close to it. She’s a very caring doctor. I’ve yet to hear anything close to “take two Advil and call me next week.”

  • I initially went to see Dr. Branson after I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. The very day I met Dr. Branson she made me feel right away that I had a strong player on my team for my fight against cancer. She ran my blood and we found many things to amend including high mercury levels, hormone imbalances, low vitamin D and low iron. Dr. Branson started me on a supplement regimen and continues to monitor me today. All my levels have been within normal range since I started seeing her and continue to follow her protocol. Dr. Branson is amazing and I feel so fortunate to have her on my team.

  • With Dr. Branson I feel like I have a friend who is actually thinking about how to help the issue from all angles. She is a wealth of information and always makes me feel like I am discussing a plan for action with a friend that truly cares where most doctors I have had made me feel like just another nameless patient. Dr. Branson cares and is passionate about what she does. You can feel it with every conversation you have with her.

  • Dr. Branson is passionate about naturopathic medicine and wants to make changes in the way people think of medicine and their health. She has a wealth of knowledge on all topics of health and has natural solutions for about anything you throw at her. She is versed not only in Naturopathic medicine but standard medicine as well and can have intelligent conversations about the comparison of the two. She knows when standard medicine may have it right and when naturopathic solutions can supersede it and why. You always feel secure in her recommendations and protocols because she comes from such a passionate, intelligent and fair point of view.

  • Dr. Branson gets to the root of the problem instead of giving things that mask the symptoms or problem!

  • On December 20, 2017 my worst nightmare came true… I got shingles! Dr. Branson immediately put me on a protocol of Naturopathic Supplements including licorice root, antiviral drops and vitamin A. I was able to heal WITHOUT the use of heavy duty antibiotics and shots which I am allergic to. My shingles was gone with minimal ghosting afterwards. In addition to the protocol I had the wonderful option of including I.V. therapy in which I was administered vitamin C to support the healing process by giving my body the nutrients it needs while bypassing my stomach issues. I am very grateful Dr. Branson.